Perplexed by Hate (but who Isn’t?)

Like most people,  I fall victim to obsessively checking any and all social media platforms when I wake up. Part of it is my FOMO or fear of missing out on all the posts I’ve missed during my snooze but the main reason is sheer procrastination. I have become accustomed to all kinds of posts: the rants, the memes, the promos. However, there is still one kind of post I could never get used to: the opinion. But not just any kind of opinion: the one that is fueled solely and purposefully by hate. I completely understand that with the presidential race there is a lot of that going around, which is fine, because it matters. What I am perplexed by is the hate that occurs over stuff that makes other people happy and does not directly affect others.

My examples will be brought to you by Twitter so you can get a better idea of what I’m saying. We’ll start with Cole Sprouse:


I value your opinion, Cole Sprouse, I really do. But I am perplexed by why this bothers you so much? Why is this such a horrible thing? Why can’t you do it anymore? If we enjoy the dog filter, we are going to use the damn dog filter. Don’t you have other things to worry about? In the words of Kourtney Kardashian, Cole, there are people dying. 

Next we will focus on a few I stumbled upon featuring the hate women receive for, like I said, doing what makes them happy. Through my research I found that people tend to question why girls do things more so than guys. Worst part? The shade is usually coming from other girls:


Ok, so the hickey thing I kind of get. It could make people uncomfortable and let’s face it they aren’t very appropriate in most settings; however, some people (I guess girls, in this case) want to show them off.  So what? No one is implying they are cute. Sometimes it’s exhilarating to show off your amazing sex life without even having to say anything. What’s the harm in that? Who is it hurting? As for the other two, it blows my mind and perplexes me to no end that girls are still putting other girls down for when and why they wear makeup. By all means I am not implying that girls need makeup to feel beautiful; however, some girls do rely on it for a self confidence boost and that’s okay.  Let people do what they want with their bodies. Especially if it makes them feel good. If you feel better going to a pool party dressed up and taking a selfie before bed with a face pull of makeup on then go for it! You look bomb either way, girl. You do you.

Obviously girls aren’t the only ones who suffer from this. For example:


Yes, some guys go over board with the car posts. But who cares? No one is implying it’s cool. Most guys are incredibly into cars and if I had the gaul to constantly post pictures of my makeup I would. I applaud people for sharing what they are proud of and passionate about.

There are so many other things in this world to be concerned about. I’m telling you. Everyone is completely entitled to their own opinions, hell, this right here is an opinion piece; however, I do think it’s important that we don’t put people down for doing what they want to do as long as they aren’t hurting anybody. Using the dog filter, wearing makeup to pool parties and to bed, taking pictures of your car? Good for you. As a society we need to get passed putting others down and questioning people for trivial stuff like this. It is important for us (and especially us girls) to stick together. Until then, I’ll be chillin’ in that constant state of perplexity.


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