Where to Begin

Lately, I’ve been especially struggling with several different aspects of my life. I say especially because although I have struggled before, it was never with things as important than this, or at a time more imperative than this one. Career, relationships, discovering what makes me happy in general, you know, typical worries for a 22 year old to have and that every adult swears will “sort itself out if you are patient.” Here’s the thing, though: I am not.

If I told you how many times I’ve tried to start a blog, a journal, a short story, really anything to do with writing for that matter, you would laugh in my face and probably tell me I am just not passionate enough. If I was, maybe I would’ve finished something by now. Maybe I would have kept up with that journal or finished that story or just flat out did anything I said I was going to do. However, not only am I impatient: I am a wanderer. Not in a dreamlike, romanticized, kind of way. I’m usually very present. But my passions wander constantly, taking a pit stop and different destinations until it becomes too comfortable or scared and has to flee.

I want to be a writer. I want to publish books. I want to take pictures. So I do these things on a whim and then I stop. The destination didn’t get old for me, I just didn’t feel good enough for it. So here’s me expressing that I am going to get better. Everything still terrifies me, I still don’t think I am creative enough to over come it, but I am going to try.


8 thoughts on “Where to Begin

  1. Based on this post your talent is very clear. It takes time and effort and Ofcourse trained patience. It’s ok to wander about and not stick to one destination, how else will you get such great inspiration? Keep doing what you love because we love what you do ☺️

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  2. First of all: great post! I’m glad I came across it! We’re of the same age and I can relate to ‘doing things on a whim’ ha! But hey, there’s a way – you’re right, we can’t ‘finish’ anything if we only do things on a whim but people are also quick to throw big words like ‘passion’ at you once you tell them. I think it’s good to try things out. If you like something, do it again. If you really~ like something you’ll always come back to it. But even that isn’t enough, we need to push ourselves to stick to something, small step at a time. Better move slowly than not at all, right? 😀

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  3. OMG, can I relate to you! I’m a 58-year old who often faces the same creative wanderlust. This blog (started in Jan 2017, I think) brought me my most consistent writing efforts ever. I’ve started endless journals and they have fallen by the wayside. But wiser folks than me tell us to write anyway, even if it is not foremost on our mind. I hope you take satisfaction along your writing journey! 😉


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