maybe i don’t fit into you the way i thought

maybe none of me ever did

I changed
my locks for you and put the keys under your mat
you promised
they’d be safe but I haven’t seen them since you invited me into your grasp

did you lose them inside of yourself?

I tore one out of my rib cage and the other
out of my side
the last one
came straight from my chest
I had to pick at my skin and scratch underneath
the surface but I felt
alive and my blood was on fire
that’s what it was: hurt and happiness
all at the same time for the sake of that safety
I so graciously gave away
to you so perhaps you should dig deeper
check your hands and your hips and maybe even your collar bones
check in all of the places you have been hurt
before and if you find that you are empty
know that you have lost a part of me
while you were searching
for yourself




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