To Bumble

Whenever I’m confronted with a new daily post topic I always go straight to the dictionary definition just to see how else the word is accurately perceived. Obviously, when i saw ‘bumble‘ I couldn’t help but think of a busy bee, flying around, searching for honey in pink flowers. The poor thing! Blissfully unaware of how the humans fear it so! But then I looked at the word in terms of a verb: to bumble.

bum-ble (verb): to move or act in a confused manner.

This is when I realized: if bumble bees have received their name because of this very definition, then those honey-sucking terrors are not so different from myself.

Currently, I am moving through life in a confused manner. But if you have followed my blog these past few months, I suppose this isn’t news to you. My best friend Jamie describes it as being stuck in the “in-betweens.” Being in the in-betweens means you have a steady boyfriend but nothing too serious because you’re too young for marriage, you have a steady job but nothing to serious because you have just graduated college and this job is not in your field – only for experience, you also have a steady home… except it is with your parents and you’re desperately trying to be treated as an adult. It’s a rough stage. Nothing is settled. Everything is up in the air. And everybody around you keeps saying to enjoy it because “the 20’s are your best years” but how?

I’ve always had trouble with uncertainty.

The Bumble Bee Sympathizer (I feel you, bees)


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