The weekend happenings

Hi All! I hope everybody had a fantastic halloweekend. I know I did. Aside from the weather on Sunday, it was a beautiful, fall weekend filled with so many Halloween activities.. you would not believe! It was easily one of the busiest weekends I have had in a while (and I work 4 jobs!) It was so eventful, in fact, that I’ve decided to share it with you. Pictures included, of course, in hopes that maybe you can do the same. I would love to hear how you spent your hallow-weekend and what your tomorrow is going to entail. As for myself, well, I have a great post coming your way.

Friday was spent at work, running around, and trying to get as much done as possible so I wouldn’t have to stress about it during the weekend. When I got home at 5PM, I did some walking with my boyfriend, got my costume on, and we hit the bars as none other than Spider Gwen and Spider-Man! Unfortunately, nobody else was in costume, but we made the best of it.

I had to wake up early the next morning for my cousins’ fiancees’ bridal shower (and yes, it was extremely rough). We had lunch at this beautiful restaurant in Smithtown called The Garden Grill and played a ton of bridal games. It was a great afternoon and it was really nice to see my family, as it always is. Afterwards we met the men back at my aunts place for some leftovers and more chatting. I had to leave early, however, because I was lucky enough to be scheduled to work the Halloween party at the winery. It was surprisingly fun. The employees and I all dressed up (me in the costume you see above) and we hosted several costume contests. Tips could have been better, but I think everybody had a really great time. Afterwards (around midnight) I met up with my friends at this local bar we visit quite a bit. I stayed for about an hour and continued to rep the blonde wig!

As much as I wanted Sunday to be a re-charge day, I had a birthday party to attend at 3. The morning was spent running around trying to get presents and gather whatever else I needed for the occasion. The party was great, I ate a lot of food, and I hung out with my co-workers daughter whom I rarely see. We sat in a corner and chatted all night. The rain was brutal at this point so getting home at 8PM was kind of a nightmare. Heavy rain and crazy winds were brewing and that brings me to later that night…..

I fell asleep at about 11:20 and was awoken at 11:30 to the sound of three huge trees falling down on my property, inches away from my bedroom. Had they fallen even slightly the wrong way, I definitely would have been crushed. No fluffing. No exaggeration. As you can see from the pictures, it was pretty brutal and only 2/3 trees are captured. You can see the power lines were a tad compromised in that second photo, so who knows how long we will be without power. Safe to say I was shaken up and definitely did not get a good night’s sleep.

So, there we are! Hopefully your halloweekend was more relaxing than mine. Tell me about it in the comments.

Until tomorrow,




to cope

i wear an orange lightning bolt
around my neck, Saturn’s rings binding
my fingers a secret
on my wrist.

i drink molten ash
in hard swallows, liquefied guilt dripping
down my windpipe a flash
to solitude.

i hear everything; a hiss
in time, the breaking point
against my skin a wrinkle
in the universe.

i forget your mouth
on my jaw, ocean salt stinging
you on a high to forget
me and everyone else.


Surreal Skies

It really, truly amazes me how much of a cliche I can be. I was going to write a post about surreal experiences I’ve had, do my best to make my readers feel very present and in the moment, and go into vivid detail as I attempt to explain life-changing happenstances. But I took the easy way out this time, and I apologize. Instead, I decided to show you some
surreal skies,” as I like to call them, via my Instagram feed from the past couple of years.

Hover over the the image for the location.



Identity Questionnaire

unnamedAfter seeing the word prompt for today, identity, it suddenly came to my attention that my followers don’t  know me as well as I’d like them to and vice versa. I bring it up because I think it’s important to know who your followers are aside from the “this is my career, this is where I went to school” kind of diction. So, I’m taking matters into my own hands! I looked up a personal identity questionnaire and will answer some of the questions provided. Hopefully you can answer some in return and we can get to know one another better (also threw in an updated picture of myself. Add one of you, too!)

What gives you energy?
Social interactions. I know a lot of people find them quite draining but I truly thrive when I’m in a social setting, especially if it involves meeting new people. I find them inspiring.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
I would go to Iceland. I would apply to grad school. I would quit the jobs I’m not happy with.

If one day you wake up, and your whole life is perfect, how would it be? What’s changed?
I’m a fairly simple person. The perfect life for me is having done everything I’ve ever wanted to do, gone everywhere I’ve ever wanted to go, and finally have the chance to settle down. I don’t want to have to worry about what I’m missing out on or what I should be doing anymore. I want my own apartment in a city (don’t care which), I want to be writing, I want to have a ton of friends and my only two, extremely important requirements would be a cat and an impressive bookshelf. Why am I such a cliche?

What are 10 things you’re grateful for in your life right now?
My mom, my whole extended family, my dog, my coworkers, my degree, the roof over my head, kind people, being fortunate enough to afford food and a car, writing, literature

What fears are holding you back?
Money and losing everyone I love. Sounds morbid, but I want to get away and I fear my relationships would be compromised.

If you could go back in time and meet your younger self, what advice would you give him or her?
You don’t have to pretty, just be kind.

How could you love yourself more?
Having more confidence in my decisions, my life path, and myself.

If you could learn yourself any skill, what would it be?
I’ve always wanted to be musically inclined. I’ve always wanted to sing or play the guitar, piano, etc.

What are 5 compliments you’d like to hear from other people about you?
I want people to tell me I’m kind, selfless, strong, good enough, and valid.

What assumptions are you using as excuses? Are they true?
“If you pay all of that money for grad school, you won’t be able to pay back your loans because you’re entering a low paying field anyway.” Honestly, it’s kind of true.

Who inspires you? Why?
All young writers. All of the writers who have had their works published whether they’ve authored their own books or went through a literary magazine. All of you guys who blog. Seeing other people write with love and succeed.

I kept this short and sweet, but feel free to pick one question and expand upon your answer. I’m curious to see what you all have to say. Adios!



Books I’ve Been Reading

If there’s one thing I love about interning in New York City it’s the commute. Weird, right? However, it’s an hour and a half to kill, an hour and a half of sitting in (almost) silence, an hour and a half of situated dreaminess where my attention is hardly required. I sit, my book in my lap, as the gentle movement of the train transports me to the rowdy city streets and I cannot possibly think of a better way to spend this hour and a half.

Since I started my internship on September 12th, to be exact, I have read a total of 5 novels (currently working on my 6th) and of course, I have something to say about all of them:


I started with Rules of Civility by Amor Towles and I fell in love with this piece of work. I didn’t care for the story as much as I cared for the brilliant, beautiful writing, but it still kept my attention. It’s about a young woman living and working in New York City during the 1930’s (so, you know, somewhat relatable). As she attends all sorts of events and mingles with the elite, she watches her best friend’s romance with the man she’s in love with unfold right before her eyes. There is a secret, though, which is kind of exposed during the first couple of pages of the novel; however, the climax is not what you would expect. If not for the story, it’s a must read for Amor Towles’ incredible representation of New York City in the 1930’s and immaculate writing style.

GeraldsGameNext, huge change up here, I crept into the erie world of Stephen King in his novel Gerald’s Game. I am the classic victim of spotting a movie trailer on my Facebook timeline and immediately picking up a copy of the book so I can read it before watching the movie. I did it with It and there I was, doing it again with Gerald’s Game. But, to put it simply, I’m glad I did. I find reviewing King’s novels especially difficult because it’s King! Of course it’s amazing! But I will harp on one aspect I’m sure you have all heard before: it is not for the faint of heart. I have an especially strong stomach when it comes to blood, gore, anything particularly unsettling, but this made me have to stop. Breathe. And try not to vomit right there on the train. Probably not a great selling point, but I will say that it was worth it. This novel takes you through the inner workings of Jessie’s mind as she tries to escape from the handcuffs her husband, to Jessie’s discontent, strapped her in. As Jessie protests the fore-play, she kicks her husband in the stomach before he (from what we can assume) begins to rape her; thus, prompting his heart attack and leaving Jessie to fend for herself, hands bound, in an isolated cabin. She starts to hear voices, starts to see things that may not be there, and starts to suffer from horrible flash-backs. Pick up this novel, and you’ll feel trapped right there with her. Seriously. I thought was going crazy when I read this book.


Here we have yet another example of me falling victim to movie trailers with Murder on The Orient Express by Agatha Christie. I first spotted this movie trailer when I caught the premiere of It in theaters and was immediately intrigued. I had to know who’d done it! And after reading The Rules of Civility, where the main character immersed herself in Christie novels, I was even more inclined to pick one up myself. This was my first (and I suppose only) Christie novel and, please do not kill me for saying this, I was not that impressed. I don’t blame Christie for that, however, I just think the story line wasn’t for me. Without going into too much detail, it was about a murder taking place on a train carrying 14 (now 13) passengers. With the train stopped for hours due to dreadful weather conditions, the famous, Belgian detective Hercule Poirot must crack the case and figure out which of the passengers is responsible and why. The writing was simple, eloquent, and easy to follow. However, for some reason, the movie trailer had captivated me a lot more than the written plot. I also was not that pleased with the outcome. That is not to say I won’t give Agatha Christie another shot, as she isn’t well-known for nothing, but for now I’m just looking forward to the film.

51Z0nLAfLmL._SY346_Onwards to The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. Ugh. A classic. And for good reason! As a 23 year-old struggling to find her purpose in life, or her “personal legend,” this book was timely and extremely fitting. I think it is my new favorite. After reading, I purchased it at Barnes and Nobel and plan to go back, re-read, and write down all of the lessons this book bares because trust me; there are many. The story is about a young shepherd boy from Spain named Santiago who dreams about finding a hidden treasure at the pyramids in Egypt. He is told by a King that he must fulfill this prophecy, although he is weary to leave behind his life as a shepherd, and follow his “personal legend” because that is what he was meant to do. The story focuses a lot on the universe working in your favor and how important it is to have the utter-most faith in its path. I highly recommend this book if you have big dreams and believe there is no way to achieve them, if you believe you’re not doing what you are meant to be doing, or if you just want a quick, easy read for your morning commute.

23783496Lastly! And fitting for Halloween is In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. God, I (quite shamefully) loved this book. I say shamefully because it isn’t the type of story I normally go for. It harbors The Girl on The Train or Gone Girl kind of vibes (for lack of a better word) and, typically, those are not novels I set out to read. If you enjoyed those books you will absolutely love this one. It’s one of those can’t-put-down-must-keep-reading-and-figure-out-what-happened kind of books that will literally keep you up all night reading (with ALL the lights on). The story is about a young woman named Nora who, after living the past couple of years in complete solitude, gets invited to her ex-best friend’s bachelorette party; a weekend at a secluded cabin in the woods. Though reluctant to go, she attends and what happens there is a complete tsunami of secrets, lies, and blood shed. Nora’s past with her ex-friend, her ex-boyfriend, and herself is discovered with a murder mystery thrown in the mix. Do I have your interest yet? I’ve heard a lot of qualms with Nora’s character from other reviewers, but in my opinion following her specifically was the best part. The story is written in almost a stream of consciousness. Whatever Nora is thinking at any given moment, no matter how minuscule or choppy, is what you are reading. It actually feels like you are right there with Nora, or rather, that you are Nora. Living the very real, very frightful moments as they happen, which really makes the book impossible to put down.

All in all, some great reads this past month! I’m currently working on The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald and will throw that in with the next four I read for another review. Thanks for reading! Comment below if you have read any of these and have similar thoughts, or if I’ve inspired you to pick one of these up at your local library 🙂



My Writer’s Tale

I’ve been trying my best to finally get some of my creative writing out there, aside from the mundane posts written on this blog. For the longest time, I had convinced myself that my writing wasn’t good enough to submit for publication (I’m talking online literary journals and magazines. Nothing crazy) so I never tried. I’d read some of my friends works that they’ve gotten published online, compare myself, decide I wasn’t as talented as them, and retire the thought. The crazy, unachievable thought.

This had been weighing on my mind for years (three to be exact) as I sat in my junior-year creative writing class and listened to the works of the brilliant minds surrounding me, crossing out my own and being too embarrassed to share. Once I graduated I convinced myself I hadn’t any reason to write. I was no longer getting graded and I wasn’t good enough anyway, so why bother? Trying and failing was too much for me to handle at the time, and, I had employment to worry about.

Just recently something in me changed. I want to say it came out of nowhere, that my inspiration and determination was always budding inside of me and suddenly it escaped and I created something beautiful. But it wasn’t that magical. I had only read somewhere that life is all about creativity and what you put out into the world is more important than what you take in. And suddenly I wanted to contribute.

The more you think about it, the more truth it bares. What you put into the world is so important because it has everything to do with what you take in. You put out sadness you will inevitably get sadness, or a reaction to it, back. You put out your sense of style in the clothes you wear, which has a lot to do with the people you attract, and you contribute to the world when you create. What you get in return is limitless. Create. Create. Create. That’s the bottom line. As the very popular modern day poet, Lang Leav, said, “the world has given you poetry and now you must give it back.”

It has given you everything to work with. The sky, the trees, the ocean, your relationships. And upon realizing this I sat down, dug up some old pieces of writing from that creative writing class, and got to re-writing. Once complete, I sent a couple things (poems, short stories) out to multiple literary magazines. I got rejected countless times, but I didn’t care. I was happy just creating and contributing to the world. Putting something into it that wasn’t there before. That magical thing about writing.

Presently, one of my short stories has been accepted and is forthcoming in Germ Magazine. I have also written a new piece that I am incredibly proud of and have submitted to a handful of places (one of them has got to accept me, right!?) and I am in the process of writing a few poems. I am finally confident in my work, something I have never experienced before. And this confidence came from a place of creativity and contribution. Don’t stop. Keep writing.

Writers Release



To Bumble

Whenever I’m confronted with a new daily post topic I always go straight to the dictionary definition just to see how else the word is accurately perceived. Obviously, when i saw ‘bumble‘ I couldn’t help but think of a busy bee, flying around, searching for honey in pink flowers. The poor thing! Blissfully unaware of how the humans fear it so! But then I looked at the word in terms of a verb: to bumble.

bum-ble (verb): to move or act in a confused manner.

This is when I realized: if bumble bees have received their name because of this very definition, then those honey-sucking terrors are not so different from myself.

Currently, I am moving through life in a confused manner. But if you have followed my blog these past few months, I suppose this isn’t news to you. My best friend Jamie describes it as being stuck in the “in-betweens.” Being in the in-betweens means you have a steady boyfriend but nothing too serious because you’re too young for marriage, you have a steady job but nothing to serious because you have just graduated college and this job is not in your field – only for experience, you also have a steady home… except it is with your parents and you’re desperately trying to be treated as an adult. It’s a rough stage. Nothing is settled. Everything is up in the air. And everybody around you keeps saying to enjoy it because “the 20’s are your best years” but how?

I’ve always had trouble with uncertainty.

The Bumble Bee Sympathizer (I feel you, bees)